A notch is a piece of eyebrow missing due to a razor.
How it occurs:
1. Person A makes a boast about something they will due
2. Person B says "notch"
3. Person A must then do the thing that they boasted about or else Person B will get to take a piece of their eyebrow
Person A: I'm going to go climb the CN Tower now
Person B: Notch
Person A: Crap, it was just a joke
Person B grabs a razor
by :)jwood(: March 24, 2015
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Noun, sense 1. An affectionate synonym for 'vagina'. See also gash.

Noun, sense 2. Someone with whom you basically just get drunk and/or high and have sex, usually on a short term basis. Compare to "your girl" or "a ho", both are higher on the intimacy ladder.
Sense 1: "I am so going to hit that notch, bro."

Sense 2: "Are you going to the prom with him?" "Naw. He's just a notch."
by Danny Delinquent December 5, 2003
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1. to score a point

2. to copulate
He a was about to notch, which would win the game, but he slipped at the last minute.
by The Return of Light Joker October 12, 2011
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bitch. (comes from a common mis-typing of the word 'bitch' when entered into the apple iphone touch-screen keypad).
omg, lol ur such a notch, gurl, dat queen must h8 u.
by omgno.udidnt October 6, 2009
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what emeril lagasse likes to kick up in his show "Emeril Live." Usually involves a little garlic, salt, some essence, and BAM!
When we come back, another notch!!!!
(Doc Gibbs and Emeril Live band play music)
by static euph0ria May 30, 2005
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(noun) - the bridge of skin between the testicles and the anus. See also taint and grundle.
It's notch yer ass and it's notch yer balls!
by R February 2, 2005
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