Crazy, manic, insane, out of control, generally messed up.
"I just asked him where he got the black eye and he went totally bugfuck."
by Emby Quinn April 10, 2003
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A man who has sex with insects.
Todd Koehler is a bugfucker because he keeps nailing that grasshopper in the ass.
by Douggie Rankinpooper October 20, 2003
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a guy whose penis size is so small and virtually nonexistent, that he uses a magnifying glass to locate his stem, and a tweezers to masturbate.
After 5 minutes into the sex act, his wife asked him, "Is it in, yet?"
From that point forward, he earned the name, "Needledick Bugfucker."
by weave September 09, 2003
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Slang for being messed up. Mostly used in cases where you question what just happened and why you had a certain reaction.
Guy 1: fuck dude, I'm bugfucked
Guy 2: what happened?
Guy 1: I got a boner at a post saying nice cock
Guy 2: damn
by ProbablyADegenerate October 30, 2020
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Adjective: Alternative term for batshit crazy.

Also Alternative for faulty:
"These kids are driving me Bugfuckity.

"The switch is bugfuckity."
by georgieous March 30, 2021
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