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what yo daddy saw you doing
"Well poppyseed you on his tractor and you wasnt sposed to be on dat tractor."

(Hey! What the hell y'all doin out there!)

by bojzzle October 15, 2004
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a sort of restraining order between kids. Such as "stay completely away from them!"
You must stay at least 10 feet away from that kid you got in a fight with
by bojzzle June 29, 2004
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pronounced ee-gah

what chinese people say when they're on the verge of busting a nut/ovary. Chinese version of the phrase "omg im coming!!
(chinese people fucking)

chick: ahh ahhh ayyyyy ahhh kwaa kwaaaa!

dude: ahh ahh iga! IGA! IGA IGA IGA!! (busts on her face)
by bojzzle September 15, 2007
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a slut commonly found in a bakery. Kind of like a hooters girl, except you can find hickeys on her neck every monday after a long weekend of fucking. She will often have a lot of kids, while being at a young age herself, and her main job is to flirt with every customer that comes in. Sometimes she will make date plans with the customers, and flake out on them at the same time.
Why the fuck is Alex buying that bakery slut some flowers? That bitch doesn't even like him!! Plus, she's 22, has 3 kids, all from different fathers, and wtf is up with those hickeys on her neck every monday?
by bojzzle October 25, 2006
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something that Ernie from Sesame Street likes to shove up his ass in the bathtub
Bert! I can't take a shit because my rubber ducky is stuck in my ass!
by bojzzle June 25, 2004
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nothing. what you say to someone who asks you what you have, what you saw, whats up, etc.
Deebo: Sup Smokes?
Smokey: nuh'in
Deebo: what u got on my drink smokes?
Smokey: nuh'in
Deebo: Don't lie!!!
by bojzzle February 1, 2005
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