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San Francisco. Derived from its low elevation and drive by shootings
you know you gotta get low in the get low or youll get shot up
by bojzzle October 2, 2004
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a pussy that if you stick your dick into it, you'll never get desperate again. You'll be the most confident motherfucker on the face of the earth, and will start to accept girls for who they are, rather than what they got. Very few girls have it. Not all celebrity women have it, even some girls who aren't celebrities, but just very hot bitches have it. approximately 1/1000 jocks have gotten it, and some male celebrities.
I hit the magic pussy and bust both nuts permanently. What a mess, but it felt good tho.
by bojzzle September 2, 2004
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a poor excuse for explaining sex & where babies come from
Jerry: Mommy telled me that babies come fwum the stork

Poppa- Man dats buu shit!!! Where is that lyin' bitch so I can show you how babies really get made??!!
by bojzzle March 15, 2006
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Something doesnt sound right with the situation...esp. used for situations where someone is lyin or bullshittin and shit.
Dude:"ey girl whats the address I gotta meet you at"

Girl: I don't know. Im at my friends house!

Dude: "well ask your friend, then!"

Girl: "She doesn't know either!"

Other dude thats listening: "Ey dawg something dont taste right in the kool-aid. How could she not know the address where she at?!"
by bojzzle August 20, 2007
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to completely exclude someone from something, especially an argument or conflict. A way to sort of get out of a situation.
Bitch: You stupid motherfucker! You still owe me child support. Im gonna fuckin sue yo ass!!

Dude: Ey, stall me out, girl!

Bitch: Aight. (shuts the hell up and walks away)
by bojzzle September 17, 2004
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