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The epitome of a Goddess. She is as beautiful as she is magnetic. Fiercely passionate and loving, incredible sense of humor and highly intelligent. People are naturally drawn to her and love being around her. Very loyal and trustworthy. Honest to a fault. If you are lucky enough to have a Christa's love, don't mess it up. These women are not the type you want to cross. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy, the ball is in your court.
"Wow, she is radiant!"

"No, she is a Christa"
by Crazybutcute December 27, 2016
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Noun: Christas are intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, open-minded and kind. Christas are comfortable being a dork because they're sexy as well. Christas have a natural talent for creating great food and doing all they can to please the ones they love.
Has a tendency to get a little obsessive but it's pretty much harmless. Christas love to fall in love and need to be careful not to hurt feelings unintentionally.
Her name may be Kate but she's obviously a Christa.
by tricky215 February 03, 2010
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Christa is a intelligent ,funny spawn of beauty with a good amount of hair. She is sexy as they come but she doesn't believe that. Men barely pay attention to Christa because she is different than other girls. Christa holds her head high and her Bible even higher! Christa doesn't focus on dating and other men do not like her but one day she will find the man that actually loves her for who she is and accepts every inch of beauty she has. Christa doesn't know it but in Marriage she would be GREAT! In the bedroom.Get yourself a Christa!
by Jesus ministries March 15, 2017
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They is a wonderful girl. They will make your day and you can never stay mad at her. Even when they messes up you could never stay mad at her. If they ever messes up make them feel better and be there for them they love people who will be there no matter what and will do anything just to see her. They will always have a great body and always be amazing in bed. If you ever meet a Christa get to know her and she is a very loving person. If you ever get the chance to date one be confident and talk to her about anything and ask what she wants to do. They love people who ask them what they want to do or what they want to talk about.
"I love Christa, she is a wonderful person and always there for you."
by cheetopuffs May 11, 2016
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A complicated girl. Don’t mess with her, not unless you want to have your heart taken out. She’s one of a kind, unique and special to those fairly close to her. She is crazy and weird. Attracts quite a few boys and girls to her because this. She’s beautiful inside and out. Though, she doesn’t really believe that.
Others may not believe that too, but once you get to know them, you’ll know it’s true.
She’s sensitive and act aggressive, but she’s a small cinnamon roll most of the time.
A mood-swing mess, but that’s how she is and I like that.

If you ever stumble upon a Christa like this one, make sure to give her all your love and affection and keep her close to your heart.
Woah, that girl over there is feisty and crazy!”
“Oh, that’s just Christa. She’s always like that lol”
by SachiNatto26 September 25, 2019
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A Christa is the worst type of person you will ever meet, she is the type of girl that leaves the class to shoot heroin in the bathroom, and gives blowjobs to any guy that pays her 5 bucks.
did you hear about that whore Christa she gave me a blowjob
by MARCUSLOVER123 December 25, 2019
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