A policy that interacts with another country and is meant to help it via peacekeeping or diplomatically.
The United States interacted with Iraq by sending troops there in order to resolve the rebel disputes between the civilians and the Ahzkaia rebel group.
by Dr. Yohan Jacobs February 7, 2005
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The policy of a state's government towards others. Can include military, economic, and political actions such as war, sanctions, and political recognition of another country's government.
John: You're in the U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East this year right? I heard it is really tough!

Betsy: Yeah I had to work my butt off to get an A on a paper on the U.S.'s Twin Pillars Policy towards Iran and Saudi Arabia in the 1970s.
by fegreg December 15, 2022
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Trump’s style of hacking, hooking and slicing his way through the diplomatic corps by its use of alternative facts.
I hope Sweden gives us a mulligan, Trump's last shot at FOREign policy looks like it's headed for the buckwheat.
by Kelvin_ Schools February 21, 2017
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The common practice among Arab males in diverse areas or the diaspora, of using non Arab women for sexual purposes only, while intending to marry or already married to an Arab woman.
Poor girl. He'll never take her seriously. She's just going to end up being collateral damage in Arab foreign policy.
by Tanet November 12, 2007
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a) something that cannot- and frankly should not-be understood without a PhD in nuclear physics.

b) oxygen for Henry Kissinger
c) a new, as yet undiscovered. element in the periodic table of the elements, named US (subscript FP)
a child's note to President Obama and his goombah Hilary Clinton : this is not rocket science; since none of you have a PhD in nuclear physics, you shouldn't dabble in US Foreign Policy, definition a).

his mother, reading the note, says: Steven, are you okay? i think you need a psyche eval, pronto.
by Sexydimma September 30, 2015
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Overly optimistic efforts by western and eastern countries to get backward people to at least just enjoy life and quit wasting their lives trying to preserve some outdated man-fantasy.
Well, introducing democracy seens a bit premature to our Islamic friends. Why not start with a simpler arab foreign policy and teach them how to wipe ther asses with something besides their fingers? Seems like a good first step for all of us.
by Abdullah Sanitation October 3, 2005
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something you don't mess with if you don't know what you are talking about
if you don't know what US Foreign Policy is, and are genuinely interested, you can always ask Henry Kissinger.
by Sexydimma July 14, 2015
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