32 definitions by billthecat

To invite all your friends to a party but take the most unpopular one aside and tell him that he can't come.
Homer Simpson gave Moe the toledo takeback last night.
by billthecat April 27, 2009
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To blame your dangerous driving on the fact that you were driving a Toyota. Similar to twinkie defense .
The lawyer got the drunk driver acquitted from all road rage charges by using the toyota defense.
by billthecat March 04, 2010
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To test a questionable concept by taking it forward to see if it passes or fails.

From the practice of throwing cooked spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks and thus fully cooked and ready to eat.
The unpaid intern passed the spaghetti test when he satisfactory performed the job even though he was not qualified to do so.
by billthecat February 09, 2010
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Instead of paying your share of the restaurant bill you bum more money from your dinner companions. Similar to greek exit
He took the spanish exit and used the money to buy more booze.
by billthecat June 13, 2012
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Game involving throwing jellybeans into someone's outstretched anus.
Eating jellybeans after a game of St. John's Basketball is not recommended.
by billthecat November 21, 2012
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An erection you get on a date when it's not supposes to get out of your pants.
Oh no, it's another angry mob.
by billthecat October 19, 2012
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