Aby has an entrenched resistance to change from her nonchalant behavior.
by Bhena November 22, 2016
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A complex idea found in fictional/ nonfictional media that can be described as "Entrenching Lore" to confuse friends and family into compliance of a bigger argument.
The deep entrenching lore of LoTGH has opened my eyes to how pitiful modern day anime are so surface level and pandering LoTGH actually cares about it's viewers and isn't afraid to touch on more complex topics.
by Blackweeb11 January 2, 2020
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1) Penile penetration so deep that it forces a curvature of the penis toward respective internal organs (male or female).
2) Extremely deep penile penetration.
3) A site along the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, where the river curves so extremely (270 degrees!), that over time it has carved out an entrenched horseshoe shape.
1) "Entrenched meanders hurt my cervix," said Stacy.
2) "I was thrusting so hard, I think I achived an entrenched meander!" exclaimed Ziv.
3) Scientists describe Horseshoe Bend as an entrenched meander of the Colorado River.
by Tuesday Hula February 26, 2016
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