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I hope I dont soil myself.
by JHHWILD February 01, 2004
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n. a person who cannot do anything right or screws up a lot. Originated at Dartmouth College (Bones Gate)
"He got THREE D's on his report card? What a soil!"
by Lolita June 23, 2004
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SoiL has some good stuff out, particularly their older work on their "Scars" album.
by useful idiot January 03, 2005
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('soy - l):

1.noun - One's area of origin; hood, block, barrio, ward, locale, etc.
1. This lingo originated straight from my soil, the Bay area.
by NaturalBornHustla March 20, 2006
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1) A particular type of earth consisting of rocks and minerals.

2) A stain.

3) A hard rock / heavy metal band, currently with 3 albums:

throttle junkies
1) I used some the soil from over there to plant my plant.

2) Ahh, i have a soil on my shirt.

3) Cross my heart hope to die, pluck out my f***ing eye, i am broken everywhere, loveless b****rd i don't care.
by March 03, 2005
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To soil oneself is to shit thy pants.
To soil anything else is to get it dirty.
Because soil is....

And excrement.
bwahahaha I said excrement.
Did I spell that right?
God damn it...

Oh yeah, for all you illiterate asswipes out there, exrement is also shit. Shit, like what you wipe off asses, asswipe motherfuckers.
"Damn it,I've soiled myself"
"You've gone and soiled my carpet with your dirty ass shoes, you bastard" (soiling things is generally a no-no folks. DOWN WITH THE SOIL!)
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when a person does something or is dirty
Yo u saw that cross over my lebron that shit was soil

example2. That nigga needs to take a shower hes looks mad soil
by Tedwards52 January 23, 2010
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