Hiei of the Red vs Blue forums
Hiei is the most sexist person I know, he told me that if i'm not pregnant in the kitchen I'm a waste of meat. He defines misogyny.
by Stan Gorski March 7, 2008
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The hatred of women including the entrenched prejudice against female kangaroos.
The movie Crocodile Dundee promotes misogyny because it only features male crocodiles.
by billthecat October 17, 2012
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'she felt like she was struggling against disguised misogyny'
by His_bitch October 2, 2022
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A male that doesn’t get any pussy and/or any feminine expression no matter how hard he try’s. Because of this male will say he hates women but secretly wishes that he could get them. The male will also dislike other males that get pussy,because he is jealous that they get pussy and he doesn’t.
Ex: Bob: Bro Adam you’re such a simp for getting with that girl last night at that party.

Adam: Shut up, you’re a Misogyny because you’re jealous that I get action and you don’t.
by Therealdefindher January 9, 2020
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1. The hatred of women and/or the overall feminine expression. It does not limit to cisgender women (women born genitically and anatomically female.) It often happens to a woman who speaks out her mind, expresses herself, or women who are transgender and/or intersex. A lot of times effeminate men are affected by this horrible epidemic becuase they do not confrom to gender stereotypes.

2. The Patriarch's most powerful and terrible weapon to women and possibly to all humanity.

3. An alpha male's justification to silence and control women becuase a woman's true expression of womanhood is often something ugly to him.
1. Man: Hey check out that chick with the mustache

Man#2: Ewwww, gross dude!
2. Man: Yo, is that guy wearing a dress?!

Man#2: LOL, what a fag!

Observing woman: Its sad that even men who are simply effeminate are affected by misogyny.
by Feminista72888 April 17, 2010
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