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A car accident wherein a driver committing a hanging left trailer is struck by a driver traveling through the same intersection legally. Common in Los Angeles.
She totaled her new car in a hangnail with a truck at LaBrea and Melrose.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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Noun. One who attempts to project originality, intelligence and coolness by opting for ostensibly poor quality, care and coordination of clothing and goods; exerts significant effort maintaining outdated, unattractive mode of dress and hairstyle; feigns or forces personal interest in certain types of music, art and activity with the primarily social intent of promoting the illusion of eccentricity; yet lacks true creative skill, communicative eloquence, stylistic depth, or independently cultivated thought. Common in large and mid-size American urban centers and near universities, typically near gentrification boundaries. Demographically mostly white, middle class, age 20-30, non-professional. (See Silver Lake - Los Angeles; Manhattan/Brooklyn - New York, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago)
Look kids, that hipster girl is wearing Tootsie glasses, bangs, and a mid-thigh sweater from the 1980's, and she's riding a one-speed bike with two flat tires - isn't she interesting?
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 3, 2009
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Brian is sitcrit, and we need to find him a bathroom immediately.
by beverlyfreakinwhite June 27, 2009
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Condition of life after one has created and then deleted a facebook account.
After going post-post-facebook, you will be able to re-forget dozens of high school acquaintances.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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1. A homosexual Asian person, derogatory.
2. Tacky home decor typical to some older gay Asian men, often consisting of white floors and walls, and white and black furniture, faux Roman columns and statues (often nude male figure), excessively large wall or floor-mounted mirrors, large fur pillows, small puffy dogs, for example.
1. This bar is crawling with queerientals.

2. Many West Hollywood apartments retain the queeriental style in its original form.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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A person who discusses their twitting frequently and enthusiastically, causing irritation.
Person A: Did you read my tweets this morning? They were so funny!

Person B: Get lost, nitwitter.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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Method of waiting within an intersection until the traffic light turns red to make a left turn. Very common in Los Angeles, where there are no left turn signals and often no breaks in oncoming traffic. Apparently legal by necessity in some areas.
Tourist drivers frequently don't understand the LA hanging left, and will sometimes wait through several cycles before making a left turn, often prompting honking and road rage.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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