the state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or slightly angry
P1: he was such a irritation pretending to care.
P2: you don't care either!

P1 : oh ya forgot LOL
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 10, 2019
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A state of being at which you are ready to punch the next person who fucks with you in the face.
Person 1: Bitch don't fuck with me right now, I'm so irritated.

Person 2: Those are women's jeans.
Person 1: Square up bud.
by Anon.myous November 9, 2016
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2. to be made uncomfrotable becuase of a rash thats itchy because your dirty.
Example 1.
dude 1. wtf is wrong with jerry?
dude 2. he is angry cuase his boss irritated the fuck out of him earlier.
Example 2.
chick 1. like what are you doing?
Chick 2. i like have this rash thats irritating me and.
Chick 1. like ewwww you have aids.
by Sahara Desert December 17, 2008
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Stop irritating me with your drivel, and go find the crap yourself.
by Saints October 14, 2003
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shortened version of irritation:

feelings of irritation.. a scratchy annoyance.. like mild diarrhoea..
"you're giving me the irrits"
by Hannah Sheppard January 8, 2004
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