When you're eating a girl out and you intersect your way from the pussy to the asshole without removing your tongue and then start eating the booty like groceries.
"I pulled The Intersection on Sally last night."

"Melissa was giving me head and gave me The Intersection halfway through."
by James Faust September 6, 2019
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The Intersect is a government super-computer. It holds all of the government secrets. The Intersect was downloaded into Chuck Bartowski's brain when CIA agent Bryce Larkin steals it, then sends it to him via email. With the Intersect in his head, Chuck can "flash" on all of the information when he sees or hears something that is recorded in the program. With the Intersect, Chuck becomes a major help for the CIA and NSA and receives a CIA handler, Sarah Walker, and a NSA handler, John Casey.
In the last episode of season two, Chuck downloads the Intersect 2.0 and is then able to flash on martial arts, foreign languages, how to properly use weapons, etc., etc.. Once Chuck has the Intersect 2.0, he later becomes an actual CIA agent.
Chuck: "Why do I always have to wait in the car?"
Sarah: "The Intersect has to be safe, Chuck."
by sadbadandutterlyrad June 7, 2015
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An intersection is when two men and a woman are having sexual intercourse, and instead of spreading the woman's ass cheeks, one of the guys spread the other guy's ass cheeks.
Yo man, did you hear about Reoa, Herman, and Dobrusia last night?

Yeah, I heard they had a proper intersection.
by simp-v-👄 March 14, 2020
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when you're in a sick car, coming up to an intersection, you're praying for a red light so that when you stop everybody is looking at you in your car, then it's your time to play the hottest song: intersection music.

getting all the attention you want at the intersection w/ a hot song
"this song by Young Jeezy is definitely intersection music"
by kdj4891 September 22, 2011
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Protection racket where disadvantaged groups, whether real or perceived, sell protection from false hate accusations for concessions from others.
What?! They wouldn't accept you in to college because your test scores are bad? Just give them the intersectional shakedown and tweet that it was racism, sexism and homophobia.
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The kind of racism that Intersectional Feminists espouse while insisting it’s not racism.

These people give themselves a supposed out by saying that shitting on another person simply because of their color or another arbitrary feature (such as being male, old, etc.) is okay as long as they are a member of a majority group and therefore hold “social power”. Because of that, the Intersectionalist thinks they can act with impunity from their prejudice because they have less “power” than the person they’re being racist against. Figure that one out.
Woman: I’m so proud. My grandfather is receiving the keys to the city in recognition of his helping the homeless here for over 30 years.
Intersectional womxn: Yeah, he’s helped a bunch of white people who are street trash, more like.
Woman: Jeez. I mean, this is a majority white city, so I suppose many are white, but he helps anyone who comes to him regardless of race.

Intersectional womxn: Fuck him. He’s a cisgendered old white male. His “good deeds” aren’t worth shit. I gave a black trans womxn a hug the other day, which makes me better than your grandfather.
Woman: Wow. That sounds like some intersectional racism type bullshit.
Intersectional womxn: Hah. I’m brown, Muslim and lesbian. There’s no way I can be racist. So fuck you too, white bitch.
by McMission Definition January 21, 2018
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