The act of posting inanities to twitter, as distinct from posting useful/relevant/valuable information (tweeting).
Man, I signed up to twitter hoping that I'd find some intelligent people tweeting, but all I got was idiots twitting!
by helio88 July 04, 2009
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To join the millions of people on twitter and witness what they tweet.
Shaq posted a new pic of him. Go twitness it.

I knew the chargers were gonna pick him. I twitnessed it.

I twitness what john mayers every move is

Did you twitness shawn merrimans rant?

I'm a witness to lebron but a twitness to justin
by poolboiz August 06, 2009
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According to Oxford Student's Dictionary: a foolish person
You twit
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
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a) an imbecile

b) a user of the social network Twitter
a) He's such a Twit

b) He's such a Twit
by JJJDorsey February 05, 2011
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something that you call someone who is anoying or a complete asshole
man that guy over there is sucha a F***ing twit
by FreedomMrtn February 28, 2009
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