Her profound eloquence inspired the students to write poetry of their own.
by Shordy Cheekz October 21, 2008
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he spoke with such eloquence
by jerk October 6, 2003
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The act of performing oral (mostly on a woman), noting the actions of the tongue in relation to speaking well.
"Greta, my one night stand, was so impressed by my eloquence last night, she gave my number to her friend Elexa."

A butterfly tongue technique can be used when getting eloquent with someone.
by JackieJormpJomp September 19, 2011
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The practice of using your mother tongue with aptness, when speaking to a vagina whose lips are wide open.
No eloquence example, just practice it...
by Venice TA December 1, 2006
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To speak eloquently.
Ericka: That Barack Obama sure does eloquate.
by esockslamb September 8, 2012
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Genelec & Memphis Reigns:Give & Take
I Reign Stupendous beyond the ELOQUENT Biblical Babylonian testament the heaven sent relevant running for president, represent
by JudA The Free Spirit January 13, 2004
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