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small furry thing that dances.
the hamster danced all night.
by N¦ck December 24, 2003
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A small, furry rodent. A popular household pet, the hamster comes in five different species: the Syrian hamster, the true dwarf hamsters (Campbell's Russian/Djungarian, Winter White, and Roborovski) and the Chinese dwarf hamster (which has a prehensile tail, unlike its bob-tailed counterparts). The little creatures like to store food in their cheek pouches, which can also contain plans for world domination. The hamster is nocturnal, and if it has access to a wheel, it will run all not, which can bother the owner, unless the owner has a silent wheel. Hamsters are coprophagic, which means they eat their own fecal matter. Hamsters do not belong in microwaves.
Her hamster likes to sleep, eat, poop, run, and plan for world domination.
by Supreme Baritone Goddess May 17, 2016
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A species of rodent soon to inherit the earth after our demise
I saw a hamster plotting my death yesterday
by Zi October 03, 2004
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Adjective: Without overarching purpose or point, like a hamster running in a wheel.
My life is feeling really hamster these days.
My job is so hamster, I hate it!
I like him, but his outlook on life seems sort of hamster.
by phronimos April 16, 2017
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A small rodent not to be confused with a mouse. They are very fuzzy and friendly. They also like to dance. Also, they will run in little plastic or metal wheels until they die from either heart attack or exhaustion. Make good pets except they are escape artists.
The hamster nibbled the small piece of apple amusing the giggling group of girls who where watching it.
by Bohemian Diva February 25, 2006
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Adorable little rodents that run around your house and poop everywhere.
"My hamster could kick your hamsters glutious-maximus!"
by Sydney January 14, 2005
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1.) Verb, HAM-STUR, to hamster, in order to survive one will eat its young. To hamster is to eat your offspring.
2.) Noun, HAM-STUR, (See ninja) A cute little animal known for its sudden violent reactions to little children holding it. Hamsters have been known to kill at any impulse, even if there is no need for eminent death of the child.
1.) The other day, I got a little rumble n my tummy, and so I decided to go hamster on my children.
2.) The hamster ate the nine year old's whole birthday party because someone dropped a spoon.
by THE BOB March 06, 2004
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