An expression meaning "do it now!" often used as a retort by a supervisor speaking to an underling.
"So, are those reports ready?"
"Sir, I'm planning to start on them."
"Well, get on it, chop chop!"
by A_Wordsmith April 4, 2005
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the thing you tell a person who is digging deep for some fruit, that is, pulling some piece of underwear from his, hers, or its ass crack..
you see a friend of yours pulling out their underwear... you simply say "chop chop!!"
by all-time-bad-ass February 4, 2010
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women who is a little bit fat or chunky bbw whale chubby chaser chunky lardass fuck hogging ugly gay gross beer fat chick tubby muffin top lard love handles overweight fat girls cunt huge penis chub factory badonkadonk fat bitches fugly boobs big girl one night stand cellulite cock swamp donkey girls curvy porker fat women fatty plumper fattering chubble butt jugnormous nail the whale pig muffin double d glutton
am i drunk or is she needs to chop chop? i think she does need to chop chop lazy eye.
by jay arra thomas December 5, 2008
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a bragging term for any given attribution of any kind, or in other words they suck, you got the stuff.
my ride has a 500 horsepower hemi and in any given day we race you'll definitely lose, chop chop!
by robb September 8, 2004
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fat chicks or muffin tops or just playing big or fat belly fatty fat chick overweight plumper porker tubby bbw chunky whale hoggy junk in the trunk hogger big tits ddd cups chubby chaser love handles e-cup plumper pumper
diam Joe, am i drunk or is that chick needs to chop chop? i don't now lazy eye i think she needs to chop chop.
by mohamed hassan December 4, 2008
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