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Music having alot of bass, lacking in proper structure. Trance techno
"Check my phat ass bangin' toons mush"
by ben December 15, 2004
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a website design company, PhatTastic Designs™, affordable web design.
Go to phattastic.com to get a website.
by ben January 12, 2004
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Damn. James and Lequisha just had two more nigglettes.
by ben September 27, 2004
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3-member band from Seattle, and Grunge innovators. Probably the most influential band over the last 10 years. Nirvana was Kurt Cobain:Vocals/guitar, Dave Grohl:Drums and backing vocals, Krist Novoselic:Bass and backing vocals. Nirvana ended when Kurt allegedly commited suicide, although evidence suggests that Courtney Love (Kurt's wife) murdered him.
Nirvana: The defining Grunge band.
by ben December 05, 2004
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Band that brought rock back in the early 90's. First off people dont like Kurt Kobain because he is dead. He didnt like his popularity and hated his song "smells like teen spirit for the popularity it brought him" He didnt trick anyone to like him. In fact his most known album "Nevermind" was almost named "sheep" to make fun of people who ran to the stores to buy what the world told them was good. No you cant make better riffs and lyrics dude or you would be a famous dead guy. Sure the bland split of years ago but Jimmi hendrix and alice in chains are broke up to due to the death of there lead singers but this will not change the imprint they left on the music world.
Forver in debt to your priceless advice-Heartshaped box
by ben October 14, 2003
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Ownz People
Ownz Teh Macca
Is God Like
NoSkiLLz Is 1 cool person
NoSkiLLz ownz alot of people
NoSkiLLz Ownz the Macca Easily
NoSkiLLz is god like
NoSkiLLz is sexy and i want him
NoSkiLLz is like sugar, sweet...
by ben December 26, 2003
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The result of using numpties to manufacture products. The reports cataloging these occurences and the oh oh spaghetti ohs leading to them are known as NCR's.
The customer has just called it appears their product was not completely ready. Can you give them a call back and take some abuse, I'm off to kick some numpties.
by ben September 19, 2003
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