No nut November, where you cannot bust a nut after jacking and if you do fail then you are too desperate
by It tiz I, JOE MAMA October 16, 2019
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Created by rapper/musician Tyler The Creator on his 2017 album Scum Fuck Flower Boy, November was first mentioned in a song by the same name and several times on Tyler's Twitter. A person's November is a better time in their life or a good memory like falling in love or just having fun.
"My November was when I fell in love for the first time."

"My November was the summer of '06"

"I wanna go back to November."
by cinnebunn August 14, 2017
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The month in which the sexiest people are born (especially since most were concieved in february-the month of love-9 months earlier)
She is so hot, she was clearly born in November.
by scorpiochic99 April 23, 2009
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It’s national “Pull Hair” month! Grab someone’s hair! Whether it’s your friend, your enemy, or just anyone, you now have an excuse to pull someone’s hair!
“Why are people grabbing my hair?” Asked Jenny. “It’s November, it’s national grab hair this month!” Said her friend
by Pjppy12 October 10, 2019
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The best month. Also a song by "Tyler, the creator" . A month characterized by it's "almost winter" weather.
A month best used for late night deep talks, spending times with friends, and falling in love. November can also be used to represent a really fond memory.
My november was the summer of 2017
Last november I fell in love with the girl of my dreams
It's awfully chilly for november
by LegitDizzzy August 14, 2017
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You already know what the whole month is about boys.
Jack its november, you know what that means.

Haha fred, I got a pass from Spooky Sauce.

What I didnt.

HERE YOU GO BOYS, ONE FREE PASS, good luck. Try your best in November
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It's November nutcracker boys watch out!!
Girl- "did he just slap my ass"
But it's ok because you can get them back in November nutcracker!!!!

Time to hide those 😏 Boys!!!
Guys it's November!!! It's nutcracker month
by CharliNoAce October 29, 2019
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