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Psychobilly band from California's East Bay.

Compiled of Nick 13 doing vocals and lyrics, Geoff Kresge (ex-AFI) playing stand-up bass, and Fred Hell (ex-Union of the Dead) on drums.

Best known for beautiful lyrics and remaining loyal to psychobilly/rockabilly roots, without being "corny" or cliché.
Tiger Army never die.
by Nedra August 08, 2003
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A band consisting of Nick 13, Geoff Kresge, and London May. They kick ass. They have close musical ties with the Distillers, AFI, Rancid, Lars and The Bastards. Their music ranges from punk, to hardcore, to folk.
Tiger Army Kicks ass. They are the best. You suck.
by Matt The Dude March 14, 2003
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A band that has been variously embraced and discredited by the wordpsychobilly/word scene.Some people call them sell-outs, and other people love them.
Tiger Army is good- but it isn't psychobilly isn't just punk with a slap bass.
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
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A band that's only considered Psychobilly so that some kids can claim that's what they listen to...
They're a decent band, but not real psychobilly.
"Tiger Army is good- but it isn't psychobilly it's just punk with a slap bass."
~Subcultural Girl (after being edited :D)
by Wilbur -_- September 21, 2004
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a small band of travelling Hull City football fans who travel the length and breadth of England to support their team through both good and bad times - and show loyalty and spirit, singing when they are losing as well as winning, whether Dolan or Taylor are in charge - they never lose faith.

some particularly enlightened fans will own every album by the band of the same name, and will be campaigning to get 'Never Die', 'Nocturnal' and other rousing classics played before kick off instead of the usual 'slit your wrists' indie shite like Coldplay and Keane.
"when the Tiger Army's on the prowl, and the human world just brings us down".
by StymieSi June 03, 2006
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