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The best game to play during P.E./Gym. Not played in American schools because hippocritical liberals in the Department of Educationthink it's too violent even though we're at war. Converted to Nation-ball because players are also behind the other team. That makes students feel like they're in war.
Ok, in nation-ball, a few players will be behind the other team so it seems like you're surrounded by an enemy army!
by army_azn December 15, 2004
Just goes to show you that one man playing with fire can get an entire country burned.
by army_azn February 11, 2005
An ancient symbol in Eastern cultures to represent peace. Then Hitler came back and the dfinition of the swastika did a 180.
The different between the traditional swastika and the infamous Nazi symbol is that Hitler put his version at a 45 degree angle.
by army_azn March 18, 2005
Girl: Like, the quarterback and I ...
Me: TMI, damn it !
Girl: We started to fool around behind the bleachers ...
Me: TMI, god, TMI !
Girl: And we went to third base, and then ...
Me: TMI, make it stop ! Hey, who are you anyways ?
by army_azn May 30, 2005
One of the most famous rock groups today. Subjects to critics online that no one knows.
I'm a Linkin Park fan, and I don't see the whole point of dissing them online. Keep your opinion to yourselves, you don't see me dissing your favorite band do you!?
by army_azn January 12, 2005
Wow, a violin in rock. Now I've everything, except Kerry getting elected.
by army_azn January 22, 2005
The 2004 Presidental Election was so FUBAR it's not even funny.
by army_azn November 30, 2004