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A country that, while liberated by the 'shoot first' phase, is rapidly deteriorating during the 'ask questions later' phase.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
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Property of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, BAE System, along with Haliburton and Chevron for product testing or mineral resources.
Military Industrial Complex Lobbyist: There's no way you can end the War in Iraq, unless of course, you use Eminent Domain to seize it from us.

Senator: So sorry, I beg your forgiveness. *Licks Boot*
by Parzival1919 May 08, 2017
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In Biblical times, known as Erech. The name Iraq is a modernized spelling of "Uruk", an ancient city state in ancient Summeria.

After the collapse of the Ottoman (Turkish)empire, Europe carved up international boundaries and in the course of restructuring had created the modern country of "Iraq". Doomed to failure from the start, this artificially-created country was home to many disparate ethnicities and religions. Internal conflict was inevitable.

The rise of the Baath party (and its inevitable fall at the hands of the American-led coalition) was a response to this conflict.

There is no single language spoken in Iraq. Standard Arabic is most commonly used with Kurdish, Turkmen, Assyrian and Farsi spoken by a minority of the population.
"Iraq is considered the birthplace of civilization: Home to first city "Ur" and the birthplace of writing (in the form of clay tablets written in cuneiform.)

Iraq is also the birthplace of many of the ancient middle-eastern civilizations: Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian etc.
by Aec August 27, 2003
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
A new product from Apple, it is a sports bra that has a iPod holder so that women no longer have to strap it to their arm.
"You want to go jogging today?"
"Sure, just let me change into my iRaq."
by Assassin Phone Inc. June 14, 2008
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A country that is literally in the cradle of civilization that happens to sit upon the third largest deposit of oil (fossil fuels) in the world. Further, the oil is very close to the surface of the earth. This means extracting the oil is less costly than anywhere else in the world. Add to this the hydrocarbon laws that are about to be passed by the installed Iraqi government, giving total access to the US and their allies to said fossil fuel and, you have IRAQ. The 51st state of the United States!
IRAQ is a third world country which has oil that the United States desires.
by J Stanley January 26, 2007
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Place George Bush decided to attack for several reasons.
1. It's in the Middle East.
2. His dad had already tried and failed to get rid of Saddam.
3. He's a crap president, and war detracts attention from this
Supposedly in posession of super-powerful WoMDs, which as of yet have not been found.
The people of Iraq don't seem too happy about being 'liberated'
by - July 15, 2003
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