Something well planned and competently executed. A success, an event that runs like clockwork.
Ferarri's crew are well drilled, that pitstop went off like a military operation.
by hognoxious August 27, 2007
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The Act of a female soldier giving an injured male soldier a blow job during battle.
John: Hey ed, you ok? I heard your leg was blown off during the mission.

Ed: You heard that right John!!! Not only did I get my leg patched up she gave me an Operation Military Rescue in the process!!!
proceeds to be given the metal of honor the following day
by duckbrawl42 February 22, 2021
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an piece of individual written homework that you do with a partner anyways
a competent teacher will be able to tell the difference between a joint military operation and an individually plagiarized homework
by sexydimma March 08, 2015
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