Kerry is an absolutely amazing woman. She usually doubts herself especially about her appearance but is beautiful inside and out! She is an inspirational mother to everyone and no one is better then her. Everyone loves a kerry!! She is so sweet and always there for her family and friends. She simply puts a smile on your face making the whole room light up. She is extremely kind, caring and someone you wouldn’t want to loose. You would be so lucky to have a kerry in your life!! She is a goddess.
“Wow I wish I could be like kerry
by Thelightside October 30, 2019
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A nice easy going handsome guy who everyone enjoys and wants to be around all the time

Generally has dark hair and eyes with a big friendly smile
Kerry is so awesome!
by Kerry-guy November 13, 2019
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A beautiful girl who excels in multiple facets of life. She is extremely attractive and desired by all. Some may even describe her as a goddess.
She is perfect in every single way. Everyone loves her. She must be a Kerry.
by Dale Critz February 2, 2008
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A guy who is scared to lose you and cares a lot for you. He is often very touchy and romantic. He'll try to use jokes and tickling to make you feel up if you're down, unless you tell him what you want done.
Kerry is a dreamy guy I wish I had someone like him.You'd be lucky to have him.
by Ladykiller980 June 20, 2019
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Kerry is the name of a woman she has a huge heart and can be moody at times like all people named Kerry she has her problems but strives to overcome. A Kerry is a loyal trusting sort, she has huge titties and every man wants her and wants to ruffle their taters against her dirt box.
"Guy: Who's that awesome chick ?"
"Girl: That's Kerry why ?"
"Guy: She makes me wanna take old one eye to the optometrist"
by Randybobany January 31, 2017
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A Loving, Sensual, Caring, Devoted and Beautiful woman. Has a tendency to get grumpy when tired.
There goes my Kerry.

She is so Kerry.
by pedrohutch August 8, 2012
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Kerry is a beautiful girl with long hair and it’s braided or put in a ponytail or she has it down. She’s also funny and can make you laugh she can make you laugh over something stupid but Kerry is awesome and amazing and beautiful
Boy:Is that Kerry?
Boy:She’s awesome
by littlemisspurfect December 8, 2017
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