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Adj. Being both large and judgmental of others.
I don't mean to be hippocritical, but that person should not be wearing those tight clothes.
by Karaoke Roy November 08, 2013
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Feminist celebrities who betray SJW causes for financial gain.

Fat nagging females who constantly complain about their husbands.
Lena Dunham said her male writers sexual assault accuser was one of the 3% who made a false accusation yet said previously women lie about lunch, not rape. Scarlet Johansen berates James Franco but defends her director Woody Allen accusations as here say. Both are hippo-critical hags who sell their cause out for money.

Rosie Odonel accepted hush money instead of going to the police and charging Harvey Weinstein with rape. That makes Rosie hippo-critical and her accounts of events unreliable.

Honey Booboo's mother June was so hippo-critical that no man could possibly put up with her.
by Captain Trunch January 21, 2018
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