Steve said he pulled down her pants and it looked like luncheon meat.
by Bubs 12 January 18, 2009
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Well the taps don't work and the neighbors smell like cheese. It's a bit of a luncheon meat curry.
by Jeffphff May 21, 2011
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Means a phallus. With attention drawn to meatiness, fleshiness and edibility. big giant squishy willy... oh yeah

Used by Jamie Theakston (he IS a celebrity, just a lame one).
"...and lo he drew forth his luncheon meat truncheon and jabbed at the gushing slot..."
by Octopusswah June 28, 2006
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The male genetalia - the penis.
Also see schlong, wang, cock, spam javelin, knob, dick, lad.
All of a sudden, jamie whipped out his luncheon meat truncheon and started spanking it.
by YOREMA July 10, 2003
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