In the esoteric world the different variations of the Swatika has a deep spiritual meaning. In laymans terms it goes something like this: The horisontal line represets counciousness/mind. The vertical line represents energy. The four angeled "end lines" signify the movement of the Swastika. The righthand and lefthand schools of tantra disagree upon which versions of the Swastika is beneficial or not. But they are in agreement that the one spinning clockwise represents creation, and the other the movement back to pure consciousness. The lefthand tantrikas rejoice in finding illumination through entering the world fully. Maxing the stimulation of all senses until transcendence occurs. The righthand tantrikas seek to withraw from the world to find unity with the Parama Purusha (supreme counciousness). Hence the quarrel which version of the Swastika is the "good" one.
The swastika is an integral part of the symbol of the tantric cult Ananda Marga, and the centerpiece of the Great Lamen of the magickal order Vajra Ordo Templi Orientis.
by Shri Gurudev SvaBhavaNath February 3, 2008
Quite possibly the coolest symbol ever drawn but that asshole Hitler had to take it and it is now associated with Nazism. That sucks incredibly because if I ever wanted to have a symbol for whatever organization I had I would choose that but I guess that Hitler thought the same thing so now if I draw it (because it is fun to draw) everyone calls me a nazi.
Stupid Nazis had to take the swastika geez why couldn't they have chosen something stupid like a circle with a penis in it or something.
by soopahman March 27, 2007
An ancient symbol in Eastern cultures to represent peace. Then Hitler came back and the dfinition of the swastika did a 180.
The different between the traditional swastika and the infamous Nazi symbol is that Hitler put his version at a 45 degree angle.
by army_azn March 18, 2005
Although it is commonly believed the swastika originates from Hindu and Indian culture, there is also evidence that it was used by ancient Aryan/Indo-Eurpoean tribes as a symbol of the Sun; the Sun being a subject of worship by the ancient tribes.

It is not unnatural that the swastika was a significant symbol in both Indo-European and Sanskrit cultures sinse the two had a considerable amount of ties.

It also seems logical that Hitler would use a symbol connected to Aryan culture.
There are still uncertainties as to where exactly Hitler acquired his idea of the swastika.
by Rouben May 6, 2006
was actually a hindu symbol of peace until that bitch adolf hitler took it, flipped it in a different direction, and claimed it was his. He took a great symbol and made it one of death and destruction
Whoever thinks the swastika is a nazi symbol is an idiot.
Whoever thinks the swastika is a hindu symbol is smart.
by this website is ruined January 5, 2006
Most commonly known to represent the nazis.

For over 3000 years it meant happiness, good luck, and harmony... this was Hitler's ideal. So he used it to represent what was to become of the National Socialist German
Workers' Party. Of course, this ideal Hitler had required conquest, and the swastika was used in their flag.
It has thus come to represent the nazis, the holocaust, and even to some extent WWII.
This is what the native Americans called it, but its German name was Hakenkreuz.
by A Nazi February 18, 2005
A symbol which was and still is used my Nazi and Neo Nazi groups. The symbol is commonly mistaken for the sign of peae and prosperity used within the Hindu belife. This is a misconception because where as the shapes may be identical, the Swatika is flipped vertically and rotated 45 degrees.
The Nazi's arm patch portrayed a swatika and eagle.
by yup October 21, 2003