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A rich man's sport. An Olympic sport. One of the most dangerous sports. A horseback rider. Stereotyped as being very rich,and blue ribbon snobs (in some cases it's true). Usually you see them hang out at the barn alot because owning a horse or horses is commitment. There's two types of riding styles of equestrian. English riding: the blazer, breeches, tall boots, the velvet hard helmet, does the foxhunting, jumping, dressage, eventing, ect. Western riding: The cowboys, rodeos, barrel racing, ect.
The United States Equestrian Team took the gold medal at the previous Olympics in Atlanta.
by amandA April 18, 2004
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1. (noun) An ocular orifice.
2. (verb) To gaze at or scrutinize something.
1. My eyehole is sore from wearin' them contacts!
2. I eyeholed that movie and, quite frankly, it sucked a donkey.
by amandA March 22, 2005
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An online network open to college students at certain universities. Students make up their own profiles which include a picture, name, birthdate, interests, and classes. They can then search for other students at their university or another university that has the facebook. One can add people they know or random people as their "friends."

Good for:
1.) Procrastinating
2.) Stalking
Scenario 1:
Girl: Last night I didn't get any work done because I was looking at facebook all night!

Scenario 2:
Girl 1: I found that really hot guy from our history class on facebook last night!
Girl 2: Really?!
Girl 1: Yeah! His name is insert name here, he's in insert classes here, he's single and is looking for a relationship, friendship, dating, random play, or anything he can get! (options under relationship status and what one is looking for)
by amandA November 05, 2004
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Mahnurt! Is a word that is used as an exclamation...often if you feel like saying something random to make people look at you like you're crazy. You have to say it really loundly and often a weird body motion accompanies it nicely. Mahnurt!!
Me: MAHNURT! (throws hands up)
Snotty girl: Riiiighhhhttt (walks away to tell her friends)
by amandA May 07, 2005
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The only town in New Jersey to which Anna Kournikova, the Williams sisters, and other pro tennis players have played.

Bring back the tennis classic
Monica Seles won the tennis classic in Mahwah. Where? Mahwah, you know as in: "Rome, Paris, Wimbledon, Mahwah"
by amandA April 11, 2005
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what lilttle kids call you when they can't pronounce amanda.
My neice says "Manda pick me up."
by amandA January 02, 2005
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