A highly elusive nocturnal specie of spider mainly from the Tennessee area (also known as the Tennessee barking Spider). While no live specimens have been caught in order to be studied, this is the only spider known to man with the capability to "bark". These spiders are attracted by the scent of bratwurst and sourcrout and also been known to emerge on taco tuesdays. While you may not see them, you will hear them and at times feel them scurrying through the couch cusions. They do use a foul odor as a defensive mechanism. Beware the silent Tennessee barking spider, it is a deadly sub-specie and should be avoided at all costs.
Holy Shit! Call pest control. We seem to have an infestation of Tennesse Barking Spiders. I think Bill just got hit by a silent one cause I see him convulsing in the corner.
by Rick C. May 11, 2005
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What farts are blamed on when there is no dog available.
Who farted?
Dunno, but I think it's those barking spiders!
by Fartsnad June 23, 2004
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The common name of a mysterious specie of spider. Its full name is the California Wood Barking Spider. Known to make appearances after eating BBQ'd food and drinking large quantities of beer. Also very commonly shows up after Chinese or Mexican food has been ingested. Has yet to be seen by any living person, giving rise to the theory that it may in fact be a microscopic specie of spider. Scientists can not agree on much, but what they all agree is that this is one creature whose bark is clearly not worse than its bite. And by bite, of course the foul stench that follows the bark is being implied.
Person 1: Dude, what the hell was that? Did you just crap your pants?

Person 2: Nah man. It was one of those dang barking spiders.
by E. P. Smith August 22, 2007
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An euphimism for one's flatulence. It appears to be an allusion to the fact the the human rectum resembles a spider (a circular shape with legs, or in this case, wrinkles, extending out to its sides). When this "spider" produces a sound by emmission of gas, it is referred to as a barking spider.
The consumption of dishes prepared with beans paves the way for barking spiders.
by ieatcrayons January 29, 2009
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Fart ... also known as "barking wall spider"
Dude, what was that noise?
Dunno ... could have been a barking wall spider
by big lund July 17, 2003
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A higher pitched fart, typically resulting when the fart is either forced, or interestingly, when the fart is attempted to be squelched. Should never be confused with a barking tree frog, the tone of which is clear and resounding.
Mary squeaked out a barking spider in church last Sunday, right in the middle of the sermon.
by W. Lunker March 6, 2008
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