Jamaican in origin. Means "copy cat", unoriginal, to imitate, to follow what you believe to be the latest trend.
Eng: "You're too damn follow fashion. Everything you see me do, you do it too."

Patois: "Look pon dis yah follow fashan bwoy a himitate fi mi style!"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
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(n) a person who physically / mentally changes themselves in order to adapt to trends in society. (we all know a few of these people, if not more)
i started these brown shoes and my friend went out and bought the same ones. hes a follow fashion monkey.

"dont be no follow fashion monkey!" - Bunny Wailer
by santiago zampano February 26, 2010
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People that wear the majority’s of other people style because they don’t know what the truly like for themselves
You only bought those shoes because a big celebrity did, so why are you being a fashion follower
by Kaiden Taranto July 11, 2020
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