A town in the middle of nowhere full of cocky, rich white kids who hail from one of the richest counties in the United States. Here, you're either an athlete, an art kid, a wanna be art kid, a country kid, a music lover, or a druggie that's randomly disappeared. If not, it's hard to stick out- especially in the huge school of Hunterdon Central. At Central, if you're not an AP kid, it's so easy to fall behind or be ignored. The grading system is crazy and you're sure it's screwed you over for life. Also, you don't know half the people in your grade and you're sure they don't know you. Amazingly though, even with such a large population, there is absolutely nothing to do besides creep around strip malls, go to Chili's, or party in someone's basement while trying not to break their 60" flat screen tv. Really, it's a bit of a bubble town. In the middle of nowhere. May I emphasize, in the middle of nowhere?
Kid: "Hey, what exit is Flemington off of?"
Flemington kid: ".....You're kidding, right?"

Flemington kid: "Hey, check out the brand-new Audi my parents just bought me! If you squint your eyes, you can see it all the way in the Yale lot!"
Other Flemington kid: "Is it next to the BMW?"

Flemington kid: "I think I'm going to creep around Kohls this weekend, what are you doing?"
Other Flemington kid: "I'm going to Lambertville to walk around and feel chic."
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town where nothing happens, just more stores get built. snotty adults, and cocky kids. 17 commerce banks and high taxes. cops that will search you for weapons even tho there hasnt been a weapon in flemington ever.
lets go to flemington...NOT!!!
by pawelli July 3, 2008
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A variation on the classic Pie Floater, only twice as awesome.

An Australian-style meat pie, served in a bowl of American-style chilli beef and beans.

Egg/cheese topping optional, but recommended.

Credit: Julien Rozenbergs
I wanted a meal. I had a meat pie in the freezer, and a can of Stagg in the cupboard. I said to myself... Flemington Floater.
by Fancington February 23, 2011
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syndrome in which you uncontrollably flip people off and may include occasional shouts of “fuck you”; no current treatment
Person 1: Dude, Alex keeps flipping me off and idk why!?!?!

Person 2: Bro, she has Flemington Urshnaflaffelen... she can’t help it:(
by Silent snakes 2 January 16, 2021
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