850 definition by alex

This is what occurs when you are eating a particularly enticing food. You get so excited to eat it you practically orgasm, thus resulting in a foodgasm. Some instances of this may include:
1. Becoming weak in the knees
2. Eyes rolling back in head and moaning while possibly shouting "this is so fucking good!!"
3. Taste so overwhelming you have to take breaks between bites to keep from shutting your system down.
The smooth taste and texture of the turkey swiss Potbelly sandwich was enough for Ronny to have multiple foodgasms.
by Alex March 15, 2004

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the luckiest redneck in the world
by Alex May 27, 2003

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was the godfather of metal, now MTV's bitch
by Alex January 26, 2003

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Someone that's shagged almost everyone in the neighbourhood.
Kerry is the village bike. Everyone's had a ride on her!
by Alex February 13, 2004

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To be seriously demotivated.
To be disinclined to get off one's arse.
To be unwilling to do something.
I just can't be arsed
by Alex January 09, 2004

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The act of two lovers running away from family and society to live together, traditionally in the north.
i'm tired of this life style, i'll elope with my girl
by alex March 04, 2005

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A big ass motherfucking gun.
shoot your arm clean off!
by Alex February 29, 2004

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