850 definition by alex

to mean to understand something
"Yo blud where u at?
"Im at yard blud"
"Oh seen"
by Alex April 14, 2004

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Acoustic Emo band.
Living In Your Letters
by Alex February 13, 2004

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massive props to someone you respek.
Big Ups for hitting that ass man.
by Alex February 27, 2005

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verb - context: to put one on blast; to embarrass someone or put them in an akward position by revealing compromising information
Why you puttin me on blast like that? (Why are you trying to embarrass me?)
by alex March 22, 2005

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A jew who tries to act black.
Stan is a fuckin jigger.
by alex May 21, 2004

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to "get" a guy/girl, as in to hook up with, go out with, make one's own. it is more common for a guy to bag a girl.
"I bet I could bag her."
by aLEx September 29, 2004

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Atreyu is not just hardcore. They have a unique sound with some hardcore.. some emoish shit... some metal, even. There is no band that sounds like them.
Raise up your head, unclasp your hands.
Your weakness makes me tremble.
True strength comes from within,
and we were given this life to live,
not exist under standards, set by some bullshit rule book.
What prayers of yours, were ever answered, by degrading others?
Spare me your biblical back peddling nonsense.
For the people that you've hurt, and the being you dishonor,
your fall from grace will finally justify my means.
Judge me and now you are me, and what's worse...
you are now a traitor to your God.
Tell me Judas, how does it feel to be looked down upon?
Sinners like you, should be strung up from the highest tree.
You judged me, and now you are me.
Stop Playing God.
-At Least I Know I'm A Sinner
by Alex September 07, 2004

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