1. Completely ridiculous misspelling of the word 'homie', used by wannabe hip hoppers who think they have a good vocabulary but haven't yet discovered that the two Ms together make an AWW sound on the O....

2. Person from the city of Homs, Syria or Homs, Libya.
1. "What up hommie, I just got a pizza fromm that new pizza place, and I'm going homme to eat somme, wanna comme along?"

2. "Yo man, one day us Hommies are gonna cross to the other side of the Sahara!"
by osibisa November 4, 2007
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a “hommie” is a slang term used in the South, usually to describe one’s homosexual partner, typically used by the LGBTQ+ community.
“See him over there, thats my hommie, we’re going steady.”
by Mandela Effectt November 2, 2022
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Someone from the same geographic area as you are. Someone from your home.
That's my homeboy from the crooked letta.
by Barry April 7, 2004
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Your "friends." Is also common before the word "G"
"YO wassup mah hommies?" "HOMMIE G!"
by PumpkinJack November 11, 2004
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Your best friend.Hommy is your side bitch fuck on da low be there through thick or thin your ride or die be loyal 2 u someone you trust is there 4 u no matter all you need is your hommy u dont need no nigga or bitch cuz hommy do you better they never choose a hoe or a nigga ova they hommy they lowkey love eachother but dont say it they cant keep they lips off eachother they dont want a comitted relationship they got the qualitys but wont cuff eachother your lucky if you got a hommy
Hommy is your R.O.D
by your hoe that loves you November 8, 2014
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I wen' round ta see me hommy's yesterday to have a puff on me pipe and talk about Cornish pasties all day long, twas a good 'un
by Farmer Josh January 23, 2011
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