"feature" is a synonym, often used negatively, to state one's preferences. Used as a verb, it gained use amongst homosexuals in the NYC club scene in the late 1980's
Q: Do you want a hot dog?
A: No, I don't feature hot dogs.
by february60 August 21, 2009
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someone who is plain but puts style into things, simple but yet makes their appearence look tidy, with no extremes but set apart from others
Her outfit is pretty feature.
Don't you like how he is just feature and doesn't try to hard to be accepted?
by shgrsweetie July 27, 2005
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to get involved, amongst it, to go on the pull, to flange.
I wanna feature with that rat.
Big Feature.
I cant wait to feature.
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
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the physical appearance of ones face; a blemish, or an expression; something distracting on ones face.
Ex. 1:
"bro, i just got done eating some of the black pepper dorito cheaps, hows my feature?"

"ummm nothing in the teeth, your golden"

Ex. 2:
(young adult comes in late for class to take a test)

young adults friend-(spotting a stress zit on young adults forehead)dude, you must have had a rough night studying last night; after you finish this test, go straight to the bathroom, without talking to anybody, and check your feature.
by joseph davis October 16, 2006
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Humorous way used to describe the way programs tend to be overloaded with functions until it gets useless.
Office is affected by featuritis!!
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The name (created by Tee Noir) for the idea that Eurocentric features (slim nose, high cheekbones, and loose curls) are more favorable than Afrocentric features (coily hair, wide nose, dark skin).
“Because of featurism, the only wide spread representation of black women in the media are light-skinned women with loose curls and light eyes.”
by •Miya_is_the_name• September 7, 2021
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serving, as in presentation and showcasing usually in a fashionable way
And what are you featuring?

1990 Thierry Mugler girl!
by CamNi September 9, 2008
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