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someone who is plain but puts style into things, simple but yet makes their appearence look tidy, with no extremes but set apart from others
Her outfit is pretty feature.
Don't you like how he is just feature and doesn't try to hard to be accepted?
by shgrsweetie July 26, 2005
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"feature" is a synonym, often used negatively, to state one's preferences. Used as a verb, it gained use amongst homosexuals in the NYC club scene in the late 1980's
Q: Do you want a hot dog?
A: No, I don't feature hot dogs.
by february60 August 21, 2009
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Mac slang for "Shit we should have done in the first place". Such features include recording video, voice dialing/control, cut, copy, & paste, "voice memos" etc.

"Features" such as these are often found on many other phones, but apple junkies don't accept this reality and must go get the newest Apple product, because of all the new features.
Apple Junkie: Dude! Look at my new iPhone 3gs! It's got all these new features!

Dude: Like what?

Apple Junkie: I can dial with my voice!

Dude: I've been able to do that for years...
by Weebleswobble818 June 23, 2009
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to get involved, amongst it, to go on the pull, to flange.
I wanna feature with that rat.
Big Feature.
I cant wait to feature.
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
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derived from Cunt features, a very ugly or stupid person. It is said to describe but most importantly disguise you from a beating.
Man:Look at that features.
Otherman:he has a dirty features face.

man:look at that fucking stupid cunt features i hope that features dies a horrible death.
otherman: you not wrong there i heard he also beats up old people, what a features.
by Jimsy June 23, 2006
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the physical appearance of ones face; a blemish, or an expression; something distracting on ones face.
Ex. 1:
"bro, i just got done eating some of the black pepper dorito cheaps, hows my feature?"

"ummm nothing in the teeth, your golden"

Ex. 2:
(young adult comes in late for class to take a test)

young adults friend-(spotting a stress zit on young adults forehead)dude, you must have had a rough night studying last night; after you finish this test, go straight to the bathroom, without talking to anybody, and check your feature.
by joseph davis October 16, 2006
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