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A phrase used in Scotland that means 'the best' or something along those lines.
1. Jock: 'Did yae see that new filum on sat'day?'
McDonold: 'aye, it was Pure dead brilliant!'

2.'Here, Jimmy, that bottle o' bucky was Pure dead brilliant
by alex July 23, 2003
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Marijuana that displays purple hairs and deep greens.
I got that purp.
by alex February 26, 2004
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She wanted me to fuck her purplestar last night but I just settled for her pink taco
by alex April 22, 2005
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a female organ in the body in the lower region
My mom has a pusay and she like to use it on men
by alex January 04, 2005
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when one passes gas through their vaginal region into the cockle of another person
Jimmy's mom pussyfartinmyear at Jimmy when she couldn't hold it in any longer.
by alex December 08, 2003
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what some headstrong guys won't do if something's wrong with a piece of equipment, then blame the problem on it
"Why the hell won't this computer play my MP3s?"
"RTFM, it'll tell ya."
by alex March 18, 2003
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Someone who humps someones ass.
Alex is an offical rumphumper, after she humped hevyns rump in the locker room.
by alex January 19, 2003
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