Foolish, destructive, evil sect.

I was happily married and had two wonderful little boys.
The mother of my first wife "got religion" with the JWs and then brainwashed her daughter to become one.
As an atheist I accept other's ideas, so I went along with the idea and accepted her going to the JW meetings where she was indocrinated into their ideas. However, at the insistence of her local JWs she started to try and convince me to go and become one if them.
I said that I was happily an atheist and that the bible was written by men not God.
From then on things went from bad to worse and I was officially and publicly declared to be The Devil.

We divorced and I am now happily remarried with two lovely girls.

Jehova's Witnesses directly caused the breakup of my marriage and caused two innocent young boys to be subjected to the pain and loss which now, after 30 years still affects my oldest boy.

Jehova's Witneses are evil fools.
Yes! Open the door to the Jehova's Witnesses and tell those fools that their stupid, evil, ignorant ideas caused the breakup of my happy marriage and that I despise and hate them for it and will never forgive them.

Then tell them to fuck off and slam the door in their face.
by soreofhing July 7, 2009
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They are not lazy at all because they do all the normal stuff like raise a family, work, go to school and they still manage to get god's word out regurly. AND, it's spelled Jehovah's Witnesses
3 days a week got to religous meetings
5 day a week (or more) work-go to school
24-7 raise a family
any day they get a chance go out door-to-door
by Joy Smith June 30, 2005
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Usually spelled Jehovah's Witness. A strict religious group in which members cannot celebrate holidays or birthdays, but rather spend their time going door to door annoying people with their views and beliefs.
John: Hey, someone just knocked on our front door.

Sally: Oh snap! It's the Jehovah's Witnesses again. Go tell them we are atheists.
by Jennyknowswhatsup July 13, 2005
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The Jehov Cunt "JC" is a religious "institution" in form of a "sect". It has a publishing company called the Watchtoilet "WT". The Watchtoilet prints out man made toilet paper booklets call the Watchtowel. They are directed by 7-12 "scum bags" in New York City. This notorious sect is also known for it's flip flops destruction more than it is known for it positive works.

What are Jehova Cunts. JCS

The Jehova Cunts are the dressy up, getty-going clowns. You' ll see them on the weekdays,weekends, mornings ringing door bells. The Jehov Cunts will use their man made inventions before they will pop open the tool that God gave us all, THE BIBLE,-during their converting demonstration .

Did you Know ?

There are non devoted JCS “Publishers” that do go door to door too. They can get you converted while they themselves exit the religion. But those people are still coming to your doors.

There are JCS that do not live by their cultish lifehood but they still have the audacity to try to judge us “worldly people”. And the majority of the teens in there are all jackasses like the adults. When you join,there is a good chance that you will have to make friends with your local fanatic peers or you will have to isolate yourself. But those people are still coming to your doors.

This sect will destroy your family if one of your family members decides to join it. They will either nag you to get you join them or you will lose them in rejection.
Lets put up a No TRESPASSING sign. Those Jehova Cunts are coming.
by Faceit May 17, 2012
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A splinter movement of the Jehovah's Witnesses that considers excess of 'H's to be an abomination before the Lord. Jehovah's Witnesses believe their group to be founded on a spelling error, but Jehova's Witnesses know that is just the sort of blasphemy those H-lovers would resort to.
G: Hey, I have this friend, he's a Jehova's Witness.

M: Are you sure s/he isn't a Jehovah's Witness, and you just can't spell?

G: That's very narrow-minded of you. I'd have thought you of all people would show respect for other people's religions.

M: In that case I'm a Krystiyan.

G: Really? Could you explain for me what you believe?
by spooky cactus July 13, 2005
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