That nucka tried to steal my TV, but I shot him with my Colt.
by giNmaD February 10, 2004
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"shut tha fuck up, nucka"
by meep February 15, 2004
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you would use nucka as a synonym for nigger...but bein white and using nucka u may not get ur ass beat as hard by the people of the african culture
danny:(white) wasup nuckas?
dominique: (black) mayne wat the fuck did u just say muu bout to put a 4-4 clip in yo muuu fucken chest white cracker bitch.
devon:(black) naw dom. he said nucka mayne just stab the lil bitch a couple times
by nick August 21, 2004
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(noun). an ignorant person ; (adj). to be ignorant
Look at that silly nucka! Look it's a nucka tank!
by Rolls December 13, 2004
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Something for white people to call each other. Equivalent of black people calling each other Nigga.

Dude Roy is so chill.
Yeah, he's ma nucka.
by NUNCHUCKS March 22, 2006
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(noun)A non-african american who resides in the suburbs but shows all the symptoms of being a Nigga.

Yo, I cant be a nigga cuz im italian as fuck, but me and my nuckas ride hard!
by ANISH MITRA April 17, 2003
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