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the period of time in the middle of the work day where you rent a motel room and spend 100 bucks on a cheap ass hooker
Man: "I'm a hit man, I'm supposed to kill a hooker today, it's my lunch break and I want sex."

Hooker: "Well when your time's up you go back to work."

Man: "In that case, when my time's up, so is yours."
by Menyae Shoemaker March 28, 2009
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a break from intercourse for a little oral action. (Never after the load has been blown, that's just gross)
Man I was railing that girl for a good hour, had to stop for a little lunch break to get my energy back.
by SpitOnMyDIK May 18, 2015
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Any pause from work during the typical lunch-time periods, traditionally between 11 am and 1 pm local time.
The break need not include an actual meal to be qualified as a "lunch" break; this only signifies the time and not necessarily the actions taken during the break. Lunch breaks can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 2 hours, if your employeer allows you to get away with that kind of thing.
Can you believe it? He took a 2 hour lunch break and didn't even bother to eat lunch!
by Iknow Itall February 17, 2005
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Secret code word for beating the fuck outta your meat
hey, guys don’t come to my house right now I’m taking a lunch break.......
by El chambea November 18, 2018
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