1. To become friends with someone.
2. To use mecha-class beam weaponry to inflict grievous harm upon a target in order to prove the validity of your belief system.
1. Befriending someone is easy.
2. Becoming friends with Nanoha goes like this. Fight her, and she'll befriend you. IF she doesn't kill you first
by Anhilliator1 August 20, 2017
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(v.) To become friends with someone.
You can either befriend me or judge me.
by Jeffro January 18, 2006
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1.To make a friend
2.To beat the crap out of someone. Oriignates from the anime seris "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha", where the titular protaginst makes sevreal friends by beating out of them.
She befriended the crap out of them
by Keyan Farlander September 4, 2008
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To violently attack someone with very dangerous and extremely powerful blasts of magical pink light until your target sees the validity of your viewpoint.
"If you won't stand down, I'll have to befriend you!" "Oh god, please, don't befriend me!" "Brace yourself; You're about to be befriended!"
by Bearorcat February 5, 2010
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Make friends with an isolated person to introduce them to your community or group.

Often relates to minority cultures or interests such as gay people who are in the process of coming out.
The Reading Gay Link group befriended 5 people in the last year of which 2 became
by English Boy December 3, 2004
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-to accept a person as a friend on Facebook.
-to confrim the Friendship button
I befriended 18 peope in one day on Facebook.
by Bert LaVey February 24, 2018
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