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An amazing thing, many good hours of my life spent.

Good times.

All you people saying "BMX rules, I kick the fuck out of skaters" need to get your middle class heads out of your arse and get a clue. Silly pricks. BMX and skaters should get along, its all better than doing smack and stealing cars and respect to anyone who rides, skates or blades for that reason. I would not call it a sport either, no rules, no teams...get a clue you wankers.

Ohhh, and take your brakes off, give it a go and if you dont like it put 'em back on.
by PoloSmith April 06, 2005
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In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
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The best sport in the world, 'nuff said
STREET: A great way to express yourself on that curb outside your place
DIRT: Big Jumps, big tricks, big fun
RACING: Like MX only shorter, faster, and more extreme. Ultra-light bikes getting ridden around and (especially DKs) snapping on the odd occasion you come up a bit short on that pro straight lander
I race BMX and its so fun that I broke my wrist in practice but still felt like riding
by BMX Hazza April 02, 2013
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in greek, it is an acronym for "Bafous Me Xydia" (Μπάφους με ξύδια), meaning "weed and booze"
-Πώς πέρασες χθες το βράδυ; (How was it last night?)
-Καλά, έκανα bmx. (Cool, I bmx'd.)
by tolhc January 17, 2014
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1. The best evolution of the cycling form. Unlike just riding to get from point A to point B, BMX involves whatever you feel like adding. See a good driveway curb and bust out some air with style off of it.

2. A sport (bicycle motocross) which evolved from motocross racing (aka: dirt biking) which involves racing on a dirt track with berms and jumps on a bicycle. Two major sacntioning bodies exist today. The ABA (American Bicycle Association) and the NBL (National Bicycle League).

3. Usually a 20" (can be 24") wheeled bicycle designed to ride on dirt trails, jumps, street obstacles, or skateparks. Not a kids bike or dirt bike.
I went to the skatepark on my BMX bike to ride and the lame skaters who run the place said they don't allow BMX at their park
by Shad Holland September 22, 2004
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a sick thing to do. bmxers are gnarly and what they do takes skill and balls. like skateboarding, requires a lot of dedication and practice.
bmx is sick. so is skateboarding.
by garty June 25, 2006
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