An amazing thing, many good hours of my life spent.

Good times.

All you people saying "BMX rules, I kick the fuck out of skaters" need to get your middle class heads out of your arse and get a clue. Silly pricks. BMX and skaters should get along, its all better than doing smack and stealing cars and respect to anyone who rides, skates or blades for that reason. I would not call it a sport either, no rules, no teams...get a clue you wankers.

Ohhh, and take your brakes off, give it a go and if you dont like it put 'em back on.
by PoloSmith April 6, 2005
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in greek, it is an acronym for "Bafous Me Xydia" (Μπάφους με ξύδια), meaning "weed and booze"
-Πώς πέρασες χθες το βράδυ; (How was it last night?)
-Καλά, έκανα bmx. (Cool, I bmx'd.)
by tolhc January 17, 2014
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1. The best evolution of the cycling form. Unlike just riding to get from point A to point B, BMX involves whatever you feel like adding. See a good driveway curb and bust out some air with style off of it.

2. A sport (bicycle motocross) which evolved from motocross racing (aka: dirt biking) which involves racing on a dirt track with berms and jumps on a bicycle. Two major sacntioning bodies exist today. The ABA (American Bicycle Association) and the NBL (National Bicycle League).

3. Usually a 20" (can be 24") wheeled bicycle designed to ride on dirt trails, jumps, street obstacles, or skateparks. Not a kids bike or dirt bike.
I went to the skatepark on my BMX bike to ride and the lame skaters who run the place said they don't allow BMX at their park
by Shad Holland September 22, 2004
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a sick thing to do. bmxers are gnarly and what they do takes skill and balls. like skateboarding, requires a lot of dedication and practice.
bmx is sick. so is skateboarding.
by garty June 26, 2006
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One of the three skatepark sports (bmxing, skateboarding and rollerblading) where the bmxer rides their bikes and does 540s out of the bowl and other massive shit. Often (but not always) they seem to have a problem with skateboarders and rollerbladers, but are ignored by both. If you Bmx, then beware of the skaters and bladers as they will get in your landing zone. If you skate or blade, beware of bmxers as they are really fast and heavy and hurt when they hit you.

And even though I skate, I didnt bag out bmxing. Its a shame it doesnt work the other way around.
First Guy: "Hey! Dya see that 360 tailwhip barspin! It was awesome!"

Bmxer Guy: "Uh, skating sucks!"

Skater Guy doesnt even bother bagging out bmxing and gets back to his Heelflip tailslides on the grindbox.
by Damaniac88 June 11, 2005
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I hate how everyone is like fuck skaters and fuck this and fuck that. Well I have been riding bmx for about 3 years now and have not had any problem with skaters. They keep to their selves as I keep to myself. If things are said oh well thats life get the fuck over it. Bmx is the ultimate expression of freedom and which you can do what you please and express yourself through your own style. It is deffinately not a conformist sport we have all different races all different cliques all bound together as a family by that one thing called bmx
dtbsdfgbergvbdsfvsdafghdfqvwef ass ass bmx
by TeamUnholyBmx December 8, 2007
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