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A machine that "Brews dat shit".

The best part of waking up, is Coffee on your pants.

Final Fantasy XI : A BAMF on the server Bahamut that brews dat shit.
Mrcoffee coffee makers, makin that coffee that makes your makers. Makes sense.

Mrcoffee uses Brewdatshit.
The Coffee Grounds take Grinding points of damage.
Mrcoffee defeats the Coffee Grounds.
Mrcoffee gains Freshly Breweddatshit mmmgewd drinks.
by aerwyn November 6, 2007
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Euphemism for sex coined on MMO game chats
"How did it go last night?"
"We made out, but I didn't get a saber hug."
by aerwyn March 24, 2017
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A polite way of describing the act of caressing/stroking a female's genitals.
I sure love Jim's quick fingers. They are perfect for a round of fufu fondling.
by aerwyn February 19, 2012
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Cool Soul

Somewhat of a jazzy itiration of soul but Coul works best when it gets stolen.

Initally birthed by Master LOLinstigator, when he expressed his feelings for times when monsters, or White Mages steal his Coul.

Gil Sellers also sell Couls. Square Enix have stated not a word to this illegality due to the writ of Microsoft Sam's tchdvdxtche.

(Microsoft Sam Copyright Microsoft 20XX)
Demon PWN starts casting COUL drain on Mrcoffee
Mrcoffee receives the status of soul-less
<Mrcoffee> omg Nub'ed

P1: Dude you Coul man you coul
P2: Jazz brethern!
by aerwyn November 7, 2006
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A turn-on derived from text-based messages or means through Chat programs, Forums, or MMORPGs. Otherwise, a cyber boner.
Subject A: Dude so Mrkrups has a cyber girlfriend on WoW. Her Elf is soo WAHT....
Subject B: No wai! Hes totally whipped! I bet her emotes are giving him the cyberections...
by aerwyn November 6, 2007
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The opposite of a Cyberection. Usually happens when one thinks they are talking to an opposite sex from which they are getting turned on, to find that they are in fact, the same sex.

Cyberialis anyone? Please refer to Cyberection for def.
Subject A waves to Subject B.
Subject A: Hey there, tall handsome dark haired Dark Knight. How bout you and me start to grind some together?
Subject B: I like that idea miss, when and where do you want to gain 'experience points'?
Subject A: Nah I'm just joking, I'm some 45 Y/O married male lookin' for a good time.
Subject B: I think im suffering from Cyberectional Dysfunction ....
Subject B has logged out.
by aerwyn November 6, 2007
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A cure for Cyberectional Dysfunction. Similar to Cialis, but with less spam and more occupational therapy.
Subject B: I think I need some Cyberialis...
Subject A: Whys that?
Subject B: Every time I see a naked Mithra... I don't get a Cyberection ; ;
Subject A: Dude I think you need to talk to your White Mage about your condition...
by aerwyn November 6, 2007
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