A newfound religon to many people. It takes over their lives so all they care about is how close they are to a beach, they check the surf reports ever half hour to see wave status, and the only money they ever spend is for gas to get to the beach...and surfboards. Surfing takes lots of time but is very fulfilling and many people believe they are closer to God while riding an amazing wave.
Kate: Hey, where is Jake?
Jo: Oh, I think you know.
Kate: ...surfing.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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The most powerful, most beautiful feeling in the entire world.
Surfing the perfect wave or a succesful barrel ride is the best high I've ever had.
by cbkn August 13, 2007
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Surfing is the most awesome sport in the world. those who dislike it just cant do it
surfing: nothing beats the feeling of catching a wave
by Emma1 October 23, 2005
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The act of standing on a wooden/plastic/foam/softop board anywhere in length between 4' to 15' while a wave (white wash or breaker) pushes you toward the shore. One of the awesomest sports in the world. One can also have "party waves" where many surfers catch a single wave. Or do tricks, or merely catch a barrel (When the breaker curls over and you're caught in a sort of water tunnel).
Katie: What do you like to do?
Mike: Eat, sleep, and surf. Mostly surf.

James: I go surfing everyday.
Katie: What do you do for a living then?
by Doomsdaybringer March 19, 2006
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Stepping in to another element while waves roll in you paddle on a board than stand up and glide throgh the water who ever hates it is either emo or troubled.
I went surfing to day and caught a wave i was so stoked.
by Lina bobina March 14, 2006
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Surfing is The Act of Holding on to a Slanted platform (usually in the game CS:GO) by A or D and moving the mouse on such a way That you gain speed and can go flying off the platform with height.

Surf maps have been created Making the platforms in a row or line in such a way that you could surf from one to another

Surfing Also works on Games like: Team Fortress 2. Garry's mod. Half Life
Guy1: Dude whats up?

Guy2: Nothin much Just surfing.
by HiddenBootly July 28, 2016
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