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A sexual/BDSM fetish, whereupon an individual enjoys some part of the process of putting casts on people. Some people enjoy putting the casts on others, others enjoy having the casts put on themselves, and others enjoy seeing the finished product. Some cast fetishists get very creative about which body parts and in which positions the subject gets cast.
Becca is into casting and last week, she had the entire bottom half of her body done.
by treehuggr January 15, 2012
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The act of filling a bathtub with cum and having somebody submerge themselves in it until it hardens.
I was casting Jimmy last night! It was like a scene out of Star Wars!
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by Schlork December 10, 2019
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The verb of posting a social cast.

Similar to Tweeting
Can everyone please stop casting about mobile coverage.
by blairm12 September 21, 2010
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Similar to 'fisting' a girl, but the act is committed by someone who has a broken arm. The fister's arm is in a plaster cast.
Even though i've just broken my arm i'm still up for it tonight Mandy, infact i'm going to give you a good casting baby.
by Tony G / Rou February 07, 2008
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