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Very nonsensical... to the point of confusion.

So completely and utterly the opposite of what should be that trying to think or explain it creates a mental paradox.
His explanation of "why we are winning the war on drugs" was so backasswards that I completely blacked out.

The legal system is very structured, but in the wrong way. It is so structured that it actually hurts the very person it should try to help: the litte guy. That is backasswards.
by adumb June 3, 2006

A human being who has no purpose in life but to consume food and energy and produce nothing but excrement and trash.

A truely useless human being.

A waste of space and air.

One who contributes nothing to humanity.
"Some people think that the beggar on the street is the entropist. Really, it's the guy who has no job, lives by himself and spends his time keeping himself amused. He'll walk right past the beggar and into a 7-eleven. He thinks his change is better spent on a week old hotdog."

"Human beings are entropists by nature, but very few truely make life on Earth better."
by adumb April 9, 2006
A word, phrase, dialogue or gesture which resembles or has the essence of the legendary comedian George Carlin.
"The way you told off that cop was almost Carlinesque!"
"The article on the 'Senselessness of Jogging' had a very Carlinesque tone."
by adumb May 5, 2005
1. A student who is so prepared for an exam that he/she breaks any grading curve set up for the exam.
2. Any student who gets +A's on tests.
"Well, why do they call him the 'Curve Breaker'?"
"Because he breaks curves, Avy!"
by adumb October 3, 2005
1. a shortened euphemism for the word "fuckable"
2. describes a person with whom you would most likely have sex, based on their physical appearance

antonym: fugly
(When walking down the street and having spotted an attractive woman, one friend might say to the other)

"The overwhelming majority of engineering majors are fugly, but every so often you get one or two fable bodied students."
by adumb October 3, 2005
used to describe people, objects, or situations that evoke a feeling of warmth, acceptance, friendliness, good humor, and/or coolness
"I saw that kozy old guy that gives your candy everytime he talks to you."

"Toe Jam & Earl was such a kozy game."
by adumb January 11, 2005