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Someone who is sexually desirable; a person that you lust after.
OMFG~that hottie guy is so fuckable!
by Starchylde October 07, 2015
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Someone who has potential to be a person that someone wants to fuck.
1st person: "hey, you think that girl's hot?"
2nd person: "heh. She's fuckable."
by dsasdv November 01, 2004
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If you know that “to fuck” a person is to have sex with him/her, you automatically understand that a fuckable person is one that you would like to fuck. Accordingly is an unfuckable person a person that you don't want to fuck at all. A refuckable person is a person you would like to fuck again, while an unrefuckable person is one that you don't want to fuck again. You know the meaning of all these words by virtue of your knowledge of the individual morphemes fuck, re-, -able and un- and the rules for their combination.
Look at her, so god damn fuckable!
by MessyLiter November 17, 2010
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NOUN: A person that is attractive enough to fuck.
Rose: So you had sex with Steve Friday after bingo?

Blanche: Yup, sure did. You saw the selection that night; Steve was the only fuckable.
by rebs August 07, 2006
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describes one who is worthy of fornication
Sheila is not fuckable due to the malignant goiter that encompasses nearly all of her neck.
by Wally Petro August 20, 2008
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when someone is not that attractive, but you are willing to submit yourself to having sex with them
she isn't anything to write home to mom and dad about...but she's FUCKABLE.
by XCrispyKFC February 06, 2003
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