1. a shortened euphemism for the word "fuckable"
2. describes a person with whom you would most likely have sex, based on their physical appearance

antonym: fugly
(When walking down the street and having spotted an attractive woman, one friend might say to the other)

"The overwhelming majority of engineering majors are fugly, but every so often you get one or two fable bodied students."
by adumb October 3, 2005
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what you call a girl who is fuck-able; a prefix can be added to the beginning if the girl is especially fuck-able, for example: Tri-fable, Sept-fable, Dec-fable (Dec-fable is the highest on the scale and is regarded as the highest honor)
God Damn she is fable, look at those fuckin tits!!
by Alex Kabil November 27, 2007
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A very nicely done xbox game. Good graphics, okay sound.
The story is very short, and the world is very complex. Most people have trouble playing this game.
Basically, you're a guy or a girl and you walk around, fight, go on quests, marry, do stuff. Pretty fun.
Weird Fable Facts:
1. In every town or city, you can have a wife/husband. Slut.
2. People think baldness + a LONG beard is hot in this game. WTF?
Guess what? Fable ownz you! Let's go play it and wank off to my 54 hot wives!
by BenIsTyte January 7, 2005
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To be promised something amazing and be horribly let down. Originated from the game Fable, which was hyped up by it's creator Peter Molyneux, but didn't deliver on several things.
Guy 1 : "Yeah, he said that the car was gonna have everything... it doesn't even have a steering wheel."
Guy 2 : "Aw, man, you got fabled."
by Capn Andy November 26, 2004
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The only game that will let you thrust your crotch in childrens faces, shortly after beating them to a pulp.
Jim: Hey are you playing Fable?

Joe: Yeah, after im done getting smashed and beating the everliving shit out of these kids.
by Cheesebadger March 1, 2005
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An Xbox game created by Peter Peter Molyneux. While the game did not live up to the unrealistic hype, it is still an amazing game.
PS2 Owner: I've never played the game, but I will go with what some biased website said and say it's bad! Plus it's on Xbox, so it = t3h suxxorz.
Gamecube Owner (Both of you): omg t3h h4 h4, w33 h4v3 t3h m4ri0 omg!
Xbox Owner: November 9th, you guys are all going down...
by Kevin C. September 29, 2004
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