Not making sense. Completely illogical and insane.
Choosing to get addicted to heroin was most definately nonsensical.
by Roxanne Brittain June 13, 2008
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something that has or makes no sense
An example of nonsense:

Things are a lot more like they used to be than they are now.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
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What most of the definition's on UD are. Not saying the definitions suck but if you go to the last 5 pages of a word you'll see what nonsense i'm talking about.
75% of the definitions are shit, utterly stupid, and totally R-tarded, and nonsense. Look up a popular word such as sex, then see definition 400 or something, seriously Urban needs to delete the last 100 definitions they're retawded
by kevinonurban July 15, 2011
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when someone or something is absolutely ridiculous, retarded, mental, psychotic, or doesn't make any sense. Often referring to someone who has an instability of the brain, or an uncanny gift to make others feel boring due to their complete normal behaviour.
Oh my god! that person doing the pony tail flip is showing so much nonsensicality!
by brynnska November 24, 2010
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when the recipient actually can't make out head or tail of the communication, or the verbal or bodily cues being tossed at him, or when he really doesn't want to.

a sound made by politicos when held to a worthy question, or a discussion on anything meaningful, when they are evading answers or don't know anything. anything undesirable: like heavy rain on the 7th hole, when one has had six pars and one birdie already, or a speech on birds and bees to a nun's self help group.
it is utter nonsense! that baby is not mine! i am as innocent of unsheathed coitus as a wilted flower of the winter rain.
by manjeet sg October 26, 2014
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