a small truck, 6cm in length, which sells bargain goods to small children, world reknowned for his candy flavoured drinks. dont lete charly touch him though, he'll get a sore back
man im thirsty, lets go see good humor
by Mattchea February 12, 2008
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50s term for ice cream sold by a particular company called Good Humor.
Jack Carson played an ice cream truck vendor in The Good Humor Man.
by D. Y. Vetz June 20, 2019
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The act of fucking your partner and making her suck your penis clean after, followed by a cheesy one liner joke much like the ones that used to be printed on Good Humor popsicle sticks.

Also Cherry Creamsicle the act of doing so when she is on her period and Fudgesickle the act of doing it analy.
After I fucked Karla I stuffed my cock in her ballwasher and gave her a Good Humor. As she swallowed I said “No respect. No respect I tell ya”.
by Mega Hemroids August 13, 2019
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