Speech between two (or more) people.
by larstait October 30, 2003
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The conversations that you have with someone after you have known them FOREVER, and have absolutly NOTHING left to talk about. "Conversations" imply two way, thoughtful, communication. "Dialogue" could be spouted out by a parot and be the same.
by me November 1, 2003
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A type of writing that you either use to much or use to little leaving you with a D- in English class
"I hate dialogue"said jimbe
"Nuke Uranus"said josh
"hail hitler" your brother enfoced
"Its not you its me"said your new Ex
"I like bananas"I said
"I don't like how today went so I think I might go back in time to September 10, 2001 at 11:00 pm and sit on top of The World Trade Center wondering who will remember me if I die or if anyone would be sad if I died. I would wait there until 8:45 am when I would fall off in a fire ball of skin. Now I know you may be think I commited suicide but I really didn't. You see a plane would have killed me, not myself. So after no one remembers me I would have unfinished business and haught the hell out of people. Causing this to happen multiple times from my victims. which would eventually cause a paradox, ultimately leading All of the trash human race into a dark and empty rift of time. And even then people would still not remember me. I AM A NOBODY."said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by thatoneguynooneknows December 9, 2016
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A message that is created using Social Engineering in an effort to manipulate the ideals of different demographics of society to influence their social/political/religious behavior.

The message is first placed on social networking like Twitter or message boards like 4Chan. It is then repeated by an individual in multiple posts using multiple accounts over a serious of weeks. Others pick up this message and reinforce it by repeating it. Over time the message works it's way into everyday society.

Due to the repetition of the message in various Outlets over time, the people seeing the message begin to a tribute truth to it. The more the messages repeated the less likely they are to question it. Once the message is adopted is truth it begins to influence Society to the gains of its creators.
The mainstream media does this regularly.
The rise of Pepe or kek from being substanceless to trolling the media Hillary Clinton the 2016 election illustrated the course of engineered dialogue in it society. Due to an organized effort in 2012 across 4Chan - lead by b r9k pol to prove their influence & relevance...and because normies kept steeling their memes
The Pepe meme showed how the engineered Dialogue travels from a few obscure message board posts on 4Chan to troll Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election
by Cy-Fi July 22, 2017
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When two people argue about something out of the ordinary.
Tim: Half life 3 isn't confirmed
Tom: Stfu! Our names have 3 letters, illuminate has a triangle, triangles have 3 sides therefore Half life 3 is confirmed.
Katey: Damn, you guys are having a legit dialogue
by j mellow June 16, 2015
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A conversation where one person's side of the discussion is flawed and, therefore, leaves their ass uncovered, just as thong underwear leaves a human ass uncovered.
Matt: "Overall, I would say that Sarah Palin is a very intelligent woman."
Scott: "I call Thong Dialogue on you; that woman does not have an I.Q. above 90."
Matt: "Yeah, I guess I did leave my ass uncovered on that one. My argument was wearing a thongLet's go pick up chicks."
by MCBassGuitar January 30, 2015
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Essentially the interaction betwixt two vaginas. Also known as scissoring.
Carol is a real rug-muncher, she participates in vagina dialogues at least twice a night.
by Cam Nielsen January 4, 2008
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