How a moronic fucktard spells truly.
Moronic fucktard: I truely love WNBA basketball.

Me: I truly hate your face.
by Hank Mcdizzleson October 8, 2011
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The state of something after a paradox has initiated on something or someone.
Pinocchio: “My nose will grow!”
Pinocchio: “Shoot! I am now in a truelie.”
by Yielding Zone December 14, 2021
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Can be used when at a loss for words. In an awkward silence, a more improved version of true.
Joe says "We should hang out more often,"

Suzie says "Truely,"
by Joy Walz December 5, 2004
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the most popular song of the greatest australian duo which consists of darren hayes and daniel jones-SAVAGE GARDEN.
mark:how was the song jesse sang?
kristy:it was awesome it was a truely madly deeply
by darrenrox May 17, 2006
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